Restoration of habitats and charente dredging

An important part of the LIFE project is the dredging action of part of the Charente river, upstream of the dam of the Saint-Savinien municipality.

The world’s biggest population of Margaritifera auricularia identified until now (95%) is located in Charente and is threatened by a wave of sediments accumulated and extending gradually towards the Giant Pearl Mussel populations.

Led by the General Council of Charentes Maritime, the dredging action will enable to restore the natural habitats of Margaritifera auricularia which are currently unsuitable for their survival bevause of the silt. It will enable protecting the existing population of the areas not silted and new populations to recolonize the area.
This dredging action will spread over 4 years : 600 000 m3 of sediments will be extracted and redistributed in the environment to replenish the soils. A pre-treatment of dehydration of the sediments facilitating their manipulation will also be set up with settling ponds located in two strategic sites on the area of study : the sites od "Les Forgette" and "Butte des Anglées".

The dredging will be carrioud out during winter to limit disturbances of the pumping on natural environment. Furthermore, its will end before the arrival of the migrating fishes, the first of them being the european eel, beginning of march.

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